The Unconscious Shadow – 05/12/16

The C. G. Jung Society of Baton Rouge presents:
By Laura Tuley, MS, LPC, Ph.D.
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What: Lecture 7 – 9 pm          When: Thursday, May 12, 2016,
Where: Baton Rouge Art Gallery, 1442 City Park Avenue
Price: $10 for Non-members of Jung Society / Jung Society Members Free
(NBCC fee for clock hours not included)
Dr. Tuley will explore that violence which contains an aspect of something we might refer to as “numinous” or “sublime,” and which is at once creative and life enhancing, violence consciously enacted (with ritual).   She will then contrast it with that violence which is unconscious, regressive and ultimately unethical via a discussion of our relationship to eating animals.
Dr. Tuley will bring out 3 related basic ideas of Carl Jung crucial to our discussion: (1) Jung’s idea of the dark side of the Self, (2) Jung’s theory of archetypes and (3) Jung’s recognition of a vital connection between destruction or death and creativity.
By defining the differences between conscious cruelty with its associated ritual numinosity AND unconscious violence with its regressive nature, as well as defining critical Jungian associated ideas, we will have a much better perspective of the violence that shows up in our everyday lives.
Mental health professionals will benefit by understanding better or reviewing the critical role of insight into and responsibility for the personal and cultural “shadow” in their clinical work.
Laura Tuley, MS, LPC, Ph.D., is a training candidate with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. She has published articles and reviews on art, politics and feminist theory and culture and co-edited a book of essays on mothering, published by Demeter Press in 2009, entitled Mother Knows Best: Talking Back to the ‘Experts’.
2 NBCC clock hours of continuing education will be provided. Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and other Mental Health Providers will receive a certificate of completion to give to their respective Boards. $5.00 fee.
** The C. G. Jung Society of Baton Rouge is an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP #5770. Programs that do not quality for NBCC credit are clearly identified. The C. G. Jung Society of Baton Rouge is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.
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