Dreams, Creativity and the Cajun Psyche- 10/22/2016

The Red Shoes & the C. G. Jung Society of Baton Rouge Present:
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 Dreams, Creativity and the Cajun Psyche                 
  Searching for Evangeline: A Quest for Understanding the Acadian/Cajun Psyche
Saturday October 22nd, 10 – 1 pm
2303 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806
$40 Lecture Fee for everyone, additional $10 Continuing Education Credit Fee

The popularity and commercialization of the “Cajun” brand does not promote an understanding of the history and dynamics of the psyche of the Cajun people.

Using the framework of Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology, which deals with the world of dreams and the Collective Unconscious, and with motifs from Longfellow’s poem Evangeline, this lecture will address how the heart and soul of the livingCajun culture today is a reflection of its original source and history.  After the Acadians were brutally expelled from their homeland in Nova Scotia, little has been written about the underlying dynamics of the Acadian/Cajun psyche. Charlene Henry uses Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline to explore the archetypal dynamics of this ethnic group.  We will briefly look at the motifs of paradise, exile, wandering, longing and home and the effect that these have had on the Acadian psyche, using images and themes that appear in modern Cajun music, art and folklore.
Understanding their journey and what shaped them can help Mental Health Professionals and others relate to those unique experiences that make them what they are today.
Facilitated by Charlene Henry, MSW, LCSW, a Jungian psychotherapist, who has been in practice for 46 years. A native of Louisiana and of Cajunheritage, she has had training in many modalities, but she has been studying Jung since 1972. Presently she is a Diploma Candidate in Analytical Psychology at the Center for Research and Study in Zurich, Switzerland.  Having begun her private practice in 1976, she has lectured on many subjects and has led experiential groups. The present focus of her work is archetypal psychology and how it relates to the individual and society.
This program has been approved for 3.0 hours of continuing education credit by the Louisiana Counseling Association as authorized by the Louisiana Counselor Licensing Board of Examiners. Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and other Mental Health Professionals will receive a Certificate of Completion to give to their respective Licensing Boards. Call Patricia Hare Pizer at 225-247-7737 for more information.